hapy cluck dai

2009-08-15 13:39:26 by RetardedRevolution

So it's Clock Day you poopy faggots.
Eh the Clock Crew, how they inspired us BB users with the speakonia voices and all.
We need more clock crew on here, not just for one day.

hapy cluck dai


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2009-08-15 20:04:45

I'd LOVE to see the Clock Crew make a comeback and spam the portal daily like we do. Ah well, apparently they have their own musical album. That seems cool. Most refined of the spam crews.

Now with the Duck Division, Kitty Krew, Faggot Federation, Racist Regime, Penguin Posse, Owl Orchard, Catapult Coalition, and the Booger Bunch, things just aren't the way they used to, despite me not being there during your original time.

RetardedRevolution responds:

we hardly see any of those crews at all, I'd also like to see the Star Syndicate back.


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