Fuk u

2009-08-09 11:36:35 by RetardedRevolution

So I won Underdog of The Week for my epic peice 'Drive The Firetruck'. After some harmless swapping fun I woke up to a deleted Underdog, this pissed me off to no end.
Why did you delete it? It passed legit and it shouldn't matter what rules I break, that flash shouldn't have been touched.

Fuck you NG.

Fuk u


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2009-08-09 14:11:26

IT'S GAY AND RETARDED LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RetardedRevolution responds:

Lol is that a naked little boy in your pic?


2009-08-09 17:30:09

It got blammed because all you losers do is fileswap for shit that doesn't belong in the portal in the first place, DUH!

RetardedRevolution responds:

The firetruck flash wasn't a swap, it got underdog you silly fuck.